Grand Parents Poem

Grand Parents Poem: Looking for Grand Parents Day Quotes, Parents Day Poems, Songs, Speeches then you are at the accurate place. Here, we are having large variety of Poems, Motivational Quotes, Dadi Maa Shayari, Poems in Hindi and English, Short Poems and Short Speeches etc. We have to thanks for our Grand Parents to giving us a such a lovely Parents. My Grand Mother is just amazing she knew all about me, I love her very much. She is inspiring me and give me suggestions when I was in trouble.

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A grandmother has a special talent-
She always knows just what to do
To make her grandchildren happy
And to show she loves them, too.

At the family get-togethers,
She’s the first person to look for-
She can entertain small children for hours,
And they always keep asking for more.

You can tell when a grandmother’s teasing
By the twinkle that shines in her eyes-
She’s an expert at settling problems,
For she’s loving, patient and wise.

Her grandchildren always admire her,
Even when they are grown-
They always feel proud and happy
To claim Grandmother as their own!



I loved your bright blue eyes,

Now I cannot see them.


I loved your beautiful voice,

Now it’s cracked and hoarse.


I loved the warmth you radiated,

Now I feel your warmth drain away.


I loved the energetic spirit.

Now, still, you lay


I loved your sincere smile,

Now it is a feeble attempt to say, “I’m fine.”


I loved how you said you’d be there forever,

Now I hate these cold machines.


You were the sun in my gloom,

The permanent darkness has taken over now.

You left us all, with help from them,

The spider-like ghosts

That float away in white coats,

Ashamed of their work,

Yet proud that the deed is done.

Sobbing and broken, we stand and watch.

As they switch off the machines,

As they remove the dripping needles,

As they check the heart they know has stopped,

As they tell us all

You’re gone forever.


I Miss You

I am just eleven,

And already you are gone to heaven.

The smiles, the laughter,

I’ll remember forever.

We would spend days in your rocking chair,

With your fingers going through my hair.

When I was just about two,

You gave me my favorite teddy, Nou-Nou.

Now when I lay my head at night,

I pray and wish that you were still by my sight.

I love you with all my heart,

And that will never fall apart.

I love you,

I admire you…

But most of all…

I miss you.



Granddaddy, granddaddy

You are the best,

I love you with mind and spirit

And all the rest.

I heard you had cancer

That’s what mom told me,

Just trust in the lord

And get your surgery.

For granddaddy I love you

And you can’t be replaced,

You’re always in my heart

And that can’t be erased.



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