I Love My Parents Poem

I Love My Parents Poem: Parents Day is the Day where you can express your feelings and Love towards your Parents. It is the day to greet to your parents with Hand Made Wishing Cards, Greetings, Poems, Quotes and with Songs. If you are looking for a Short Messages, Love Poems, Beautiful Quotes, Hindi Shayari then you are at the right place. We are having a latest collection of Parental Songs, Songs for Kids, Love Poems, Short Poems, Short Messages, Speeches and much more.

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I Love My Parents Poem

I know sometimes I don’t act like it

I don’t give you all that I should give

But I want you to know that I love you

And will for as long as I live

I whine, I beg, I lie

I act like such a brat

You deserve more from me

But I won’t even give you that

I know I’m hard to deal with

But still I don’t change my ways

I promise you now that I will

Starting on this very day

I promise you I will work harder

I promise you I will try

I feel bad for all the trouble I have given

In the years that have gone by

I yell, I cry, I scream

In arguments I have caused

I don’t know how much stress I bring

When complaining about my wants

I wish I could take it back

I wish I could change all that I’ve wronged

I wish I could show just how much you mean to me

Before that opportunity is gone

I know I’ve grown up quickly

Quicker than you’d wish

I’m almost seventeen now

I’m only just realizing this

I’m sorry for everything Mom

Dad, this includes you, too

But if I could tell you anything

Just know that I love you.

I know sometimes I don’t act like it

I don’t give you all that I should give

But I want you to know that I love you

And I will for as long as I live


Parents I Love You

Since I was baby, you cared so much for me

Sleepless nights, you sung to me lullabies

Till I grew up, you did not change you are kind

So, for that, I love you more than my life

Dear Parents, I craved the horizon of success

Being a part, the only gift I guess

Sometimes I’m down trodden, you’re there

for sweet caress. I know not what to treasure,

only the love you deserved.

Mother, knowing I could not repay you

I could not find a mother just like you

You are a wonderful indeed, I Love You

Father, wishing you go to life, a perfect one

You even work hard just for us

Accept our uncertainties, you tenderly love us

Perhaps – someday – well be blessed, at last

I thought so many times, so much times

How can I express my unfading love for you

My pen finds the way I could

So let this poem be my expression.


Because They Love Me

When I am sad, they comfort me.

When I am sick, they care for me.

When I misbehave, they discipline me.

Because they love me.

When I need help, they help me.

When I lose all faith, they help me regain it.

When I need forgiveness, they forgive me.

Because they love me.

When I am cold, they give me shelter.

When I need help with my homework, they help me the best they can.

When I am lost, they will come and find me.

Because they love me.

When I feel dumb, they let me know I am smart.

When I am made fun of, they tell me I am special.

No matter what happens, I know they will always be there.

Because they love me.


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