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Parents Day Prayer: The Prayer of Parents to their child with special need is that we see our child to live a long and happy life. Are you looking for Parents Prayers then you are at the right place. Here, we are having some Patriotic Songs, Prayers for our Parents. Let’s start Prayer for our Parents on this special Occasion for Live Long. Getting Party Ideas, Food Ideas, Dessert Ideas and Decoration Ideas from our Website.

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Children’s Prayer for Parents

Dear Lord! Fill our parents with Thy choicest blessings;
enrich their souls with Thy holy grace;
grant that they may faithfully
and constantly guard that likeness to Thy union with Thy Church,
which Thou didst imprint upon them on their wedding day.
Fill them with Thy spirit of holy fear,
which is the beginning of wisdom;
inspire them to impart it to their children.
May they ever walk in the way of Thy commandments,
and may we their children be their joy on earth
and their crown of glory in heaven.
Finally, Lord God, grant that both our father and mother
may attain to extreme old age
and enjoy continuous health in mind and body.
May they give Thee abundant thanks
because Thou bast bestowed upon them the great gift of parenthood.

Parents Day Prayer


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