Parents Poem From Daughters

Parents Poem From Daughters: “Mom and Dad.. I will Protect you from hurt and pain, I will never give you a chance to complain, Because you have done the same for me, Even I want you to always be Happy” getting more interesting Quotes, Thoughts from our website. You can free download Parent Poem Wallpapers, Pictures and Read out Shayari, Childhood Poems, Parents Poems from Daughters, Speeches in English and much more from our website.

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Parents Poem From Daughters

A Daughter Like You

You’re my daughter,

and I’d just like to say,

You bring me joy,

each and every day.

Whenever I think,

or look at you,

I know I’m blessed,

that’s wonderfully true.

You’re very special,

thoughtfully care,

A helping hand,

always willing to share.

You’re always determined,

to achieve what’s in your mind,

Thinking of others,

you’re actions are kind.

I shall admit,

we’re a wonderful team,

To have a daughter like you,

was my ultimate dream.


My Daughter

I’ve always been so happy,

and way beyond just glad,

That I have a daughter like you,

and I get to be your dad.

Sometimes in plain old words,

might be hard for me to express,

But having you in my life,

is the top of my success.

Let me tell you one thing,

that my love for you is dear,

Whenever you enter my mind,

my heart beings to cheer.

I promise to always care,

be kind, and show respect.

I’ll do everything in my power,

to keep you safe and to protect.

It doesn’t matter how old,

the years may help you turn,

I’ll always be your father,

who shows love and true concern.


Special Daughter

You’re my daughter,

and I’m glad you’re my own.

You’re full of surprises,

I hope you don’t clone.

You’re truly special,

in a very unique way,

I know you’re expensive,

for last month, I must pay.

I must say,

I’d never trade,

You seem determined,

when I am afraid.

I do love you,

a super great deal,

Your humorous ways,

certainly heal.

You better place,

this poem in a frame,


I’ll just change the name.

Just remember,

you’re my special daughter,

Now please be kind,

and bring me some water.



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